Full Membership Subscription

Yes, I want to join EUsatcom as a full member,
and recieve the following benefits:

Stay in touch:
* Stay up to date on state-of-the-art satellite developments
* Extend your professional and business network

Promote yourself, your company, products or services
* your logo on the EUsatcom website
* become a speaker at one of our conferences and events
* co-operate as an expert in our articles, videos and presentations 

Get discounts and special offers
* Get discounts on satellite conferences and events
   incl. two Euro 40 Discount vouchers for EUsatcom Events
* Includes free SSPI Membership
Access to our online network:
* Video-on-Demand access to conference presentation videos
* Free access to EUsatcom Online Courses
* Membership to the closed EUsatcom linkedin group 
* Receive the EUsatcom Newsletter

Full EUsatcom Membership is Euro 100 (excl. VAT) per year
Sent me a digital invoice for that amount to the e-mail address below. 

Note: In case you want the invoice to be paid via your company, please fill in company name, address and VAT number

Your Membership will be activated after EUsatcom has recieved the payment. 
* indicates required
fill in the name of the company we have to sent the invoice to
only when you want the invoice to be sent to your company
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